Just how closely tied was the abolition movement with the early Millerites? Was it possible to believe in the soon return of Jesus and not be involved with the abolition of slavery?Join us for this fascinating podcast with Kevin Burton as he unpacks some research that he has done with his doctoral dissertation into this period of Adventist history. We also unpack some newly released information that he unearthed on the FBI’s surveillance of religious groups, including the Seventh-day Adventist Church and the implications that this has had on our interpretation of Revelation 13 over the last 100 years.

Kevin Burton

Director, Center for Adventist Research Associate Professor

Kevin M. Burton (Ph.D. Candidate, Florida State University) concentrates his research on the history of race, apocalypticism, and politics and the state. He has lectured at Andrews University, developed a course for Griggs University, taught at Florida State University, and is currently an Instructor in the History and Political Studies Department at Southern Adventist University. He has presented numerous academic papers at conferences and published several journal articles, academic book reviews, and encyclopedia entries. His Ph.D. dissertation explores Adventist political involvement in the abolition movement. He lives in Ooltewah, Tennessee, with his wife Sarah, daughter Adelia, son John, and dog Roo.

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