The Black American history is one full of both tragedy and triumph and how the Seventh-day Adventist church intersects with this history is fascinating. The late 1800's in the USA was a time of turmoil and civil war with slavery at the heart of the issues fought over. Then in the mid to late 1900's we have the civil rights movement in the USA. During both time periods the Adventist church had to grapple with how to deal with this social and political challenge. At times we can be proud of our history but at other times we did not act as we should have. Join us as Dr. Benjamin Baker, an expert on this subject, unpacks this subject.

Dr. Ben Baker

PhD in History

Benjamin Baker received his PhD in History, with distinction, from Howard University in 2011. He has taught writing and literature at numerous colleges over the past two decades, and recently served as Managing Editor of theEncyclopedia of Seventh-day Adventists. Dr. Baker has published widely in the field of the Adventist tradition, having authored two monographs,Crucial Moments: Twelve Defining Events in Black Adventist History(2005) andC.D.: The Man Behind the Message(2013), and edited four collections. His articles have appeared in diverse publications such asAmerican Jewish History, Journal of Black Studies, Oxford Handbook of Seventh-day Adventism, PTinMOTION, Encyclopedia of Alabama, andWyoming Wildlife, and he has been cited in theNew York TimesandWashington Post.

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