Lineage seeks to help people answer these questions through the lens of history. In many ways knowing our past can help us to understand where we come from, why we are here, and where we should be going. To this end, Lineage is a ministry geared towards producing multi-faceted educational resources that aim to make history both relevant and accessible to people of all ages. We live in a world where people are almost constantly engaging with media like never before and providing resources that are short and shareable is one of our key goals.

Our Story

Lineage was birthed on the steps of the British Museum in 2016 when Clive Coutet approached Adam Ramdin with the idea. At the time Clive Coutet was a freelance videographer and he had been reading through the book the great controversy. During his reading, he went online in search of good quality videos that could provide additional information about what he was reading but unfortunately, he found none. It was at this point that he decided to film some of the sites of historical significance, mentioned in the book that are located in and around London. However, before long the project expanded beyond London to other locations in the UK such as Lutterworth, Oxford, Edinburgh, and then further afield to continental Europe.

Since 2017 would mark the 500th year of the Reformation the initial idea of a couple of videos expanded to include a series of about 48 videos covering various aspects of the Reformation. The vision of the project was to take viewers on a chronological journey through time from the early church through to the Reformation and beyond. The initial plans included only Clive and Adam but as filming started the team expanded. First Ashely Bloom joined the team as a photographer and graphic designer and Clive Coutet Sr, and Jasper Iturriaga joined as videographers. Over the remainder of 2017 the rest of the team came on board volunteering to help with filming or the website. Lineage was birthed through the efforts of a core of volunteers where everyone was only too willing to sacrifice their time and talents for a common cause. Many of the team take time off work to travel on filming trips or even take unpaid leave. Today our team is spread across the world and located in five different countries. To find out more about our team click here.

In 2018 and 2019 we released Season 2 which focused on the birth, growth, and expansion of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church and in 2020 we began to release Season 3 which follows the Biblical narrative from the book of Genesis right down to the book of Acts which describes the mission of the early church. Our videos have garnered millions of views from around the world and our website hosts thousands of visitors every month. Our audience ranges from the United States to South Korea; Brazil to South Africa; the Middle East to China and Australia to Europe. When we first began this journey we had no inkling of how far we would come or of the kind of impact we would make and we are grateful to our viewers, readers and donors for making this all possible.

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