The Sabbath has always had a special place in sacred history ever since its introduction in the Garden of Eden. The Jews have kept it, through the early centuries the early Christians kept it and throughout the reformation there were always groups who kept it. Dr. Michel Lee takes us through some of her historical research into this subject as well as sharing what its like to study history  as a young woman today.

Michel Sun Lee

Assistant Professor, History and Political Studies & Director of Southern Scholars Honors Program, Southern Adventist University

Dr. Michel Sun Lee is a historian of religion in North America.  She completed her PhD in Religious Studies at the University of Texas at Austin.  She also holds a MA in History and BA in History and East Asian Studies from Stanford University.  Dr. Lee’s current book project looks at the history of “Sabbath-keeping” amongst Protestants, Jews, and others in former Mexican territories and the American West between 1848 and 1920.  She also has a research interest in gender-based violence in Protestant communities in twentieth century North America.  Dr. Lee is an Assistant Professor of History at Southern Adventist University, where she also serves as Director of the Southern Scholars Honors Program.

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