The main figures of the reformation such as Martin Luther, John Calvin and Zwingli are part of what is known as the Magisterial Reformation. There was another wing of the reformation that was known as the Radical Reformation. Dr Dojčin Živadinovic takes us through this very crucial history and shares why we have much more in common with this less known, smaller branch of the reformation than we sometimes think.

Dojčin Živadinovic, Ph.D.

Professor of Religion and Adventist Theology at Weimar University

Born in Croatia, Mediterranean Europe. Has a BA and MA in Theology from Collonges University in France and PhD from Andrews University, Michigan. Also finished Weimar Institute HEALTH Lifestyle Coaching Certificate. Currently teaching Theology and Religion at Weimar College, CA. Married with one wife, Ana and has a 4 year old daughter Rebeka and a 4 month old daughter Mila. Enjoys hiking in nature, studying History and the Bible and playing table tennis. 

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