What were the ‘Dark Ages’ and why were they called ‘Dark’? During this episode we interview with Sebastien Braxton who goes into the history of how bible teachings/doctrine were lost and then how through the time period known as the Reformation, they were restored. Discover how men like Martin Luther and John Calvin revolutionised their world, how their legacy lives on and what role did doctrine play then and how important is it today? Join us as we see what principles we can learn for ourselves today in our quest for truth and understanding of Gods word

Sebastien Braxton


Fiat Lux

Sebastien Braxton is the founder of Fiat Lux, a UX design agency based in North Carolina, and the CEO for The New Life Challenge, a mobile app designed to make keeping the laws of health social, fun and easy. He is a UX design researcher with a B.A. in Entrepreneurship and Finance, and M.A. in Communication. His current passion projects involve mental health, mentorship & EGW audio recordings.

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