Pioneer Stories

Everyone loves a good story. It warms the heart and engages it in a way that facts and figures never can. Stories can worm their way past our defenses and speak to us in a way that can touch us, change us and challenge us for the better. The head can never accept what the heart refuses to see. Stories open the eyes of the heart and help the head to move forward when it can’t see clearly. Curl up on a comfy chair and enjoy these stories.

Struck by Fire

Ellen Harmon Faces A Dilemma Ellen Harmon sat bundled up beside her bedroom window staring at the frosty landscape outside. It was December in Portland, Maine and the trees were bare against the wintry grey backdrop of the sky. Ellen barely noticed the details of the...

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Ellen White’s First Encounter With Joseph Turner

Ellen Harmon Runs Away  Ellen Harmon gazed unseeingly out of the bedroom window at the crisp white landscape outside. She stood perfectly still and yet the stillness belied the conflict that was raging inside her heart. She couldn’t do it. No. It was absolutely...

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Stories of Ellen White’s Early Years

Ellen White and Bossy In a little cottage on Fort Hill near the town of Gorham, Maine in America a little girl named Ellen was born. Ellen had a twin sister named Elizabeth and six other brothers and sisters. There was Caroline, Harriet, John, Mary, Sarah, Robert and...

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